Engineering News | IBA Guangzhou Cyclotron Accelerator Installation

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Project Name: Guangdong Hengju Cyclotron Medical Device Demonstration Project

Project time: July 8, 2019, October 8, 2019

Planned duration: 90 days

Project address: Huangpu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province 


I. Project Overview

The Cyclotron Demonstration Project is the main construction content of the first phase of the “Guangdong Hengju Cyclotron Therapy Technology Equipment Industrialization” project, covering an area of 3,200 square meters and a construction area of 13,000 square meters.

The core treatment equipment of this project is provided by the Belgian IBA and consists of a Cyclotron accelerator, 3 rotating treatment rooms, a fixed treatment room and a laboratory. The  cyclotron is the core equipment for tumor treatment. The value of this equipment is high, and the weight of one piece is large, which is the focus of the whole equipment lifting. The dimensions and weight of the main components of the accelerator are shown in the following table:

Engineering News | IBA Guangzhou Proton Accelerator Installation 


Second, the technical plan

Due to the influence of the construction of the deep foundation pit of the adjacent construction site, our design is to hoist the lifting plan of the Cyclotron accelerator from the original 650t crawler crane and modify it to the hydraulic gantry crane.

The use of hydraulic gantry cranes has the advantages of light weight, easy detachment, large lifting capacity, stable and reliable operation, which makes our equipment installation work more efficient and safe.

Engineering News | IBA Guangzhou Proton Accelerator Installation

Engineering News | IBA Guangzhou Proton Accelerator Installation

Third, the engineering construction design

Construction live

The project is currently in the first phase of the project construction – the installation of the Cyclotron cyclotron. Xiaobian took everyone to the project site for a quick look.

工程动态 | IBA 广州质子加速器安装

Cyclotron accelerator hoisting stage

工程动态 | IBA 广州质子加速器安装

Lifting the lower part of the accelerator

Start the gantry crane and move it from the road position to the building direction until it reaches the accelerator hoisting port. then the gantry crane lifting unit is lowered until the accelerator 4 legs are placed on the box beam.

工程动态 | IBA 广州质子加速器安装

Lifting the upper part of the accelerator

Before lifting the upper part of the accelerator, clean the lower surface of the accelerator and place four positioning blocks to keep the upper and lower parts of the accelerator at a distance of 30cm.

End of the first phase

工程动态 | IBA 广州质子加速器安装

Hoisting ceremony


At present, the project is still under construction, and the small series will continue to release project developments and share the latest developments of the project with you on a regular basis.

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