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Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on providing professional mechanical and electrical equipment installation services for the metallurgical, automotive and medical industries.

In recent years, the company has continuously received some residential building and commercial construction projects. The following small series will take you to visit one of the projects.

1 Project Overview

Project Name: shantytown renovation project of Block B of Guiyang Baiyun Aluminum and Aluminum Processing Base (Phase II)

Project address: No. 1400 Yunhuan Middle Road, Baiyun District, Guiyang

Community Name: Fuxin Court

Construction time: 2017

公司新闻 | 贵阳棚户区改造项目

公司新闻 | 贵阳棚户区改造项目

2 construction process

With the consistent spirit of “dedication, dedication, unity and efficiency”, the Bate people have invested in new industry projects in the working state of “dedication, love and dedication”. The company has received honors and awards from Party A on many construction projects.

公司新闻 | 贵阳棚户区改造项目

公司新闻 | 贵阳棚户区改造项目

3 construction process

公司新闻 | 贵阳棚户区改造项目

公司新闻 | 贵阳棚户区改造项目

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