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Due to its high cost efficiency and versatility of the project, hydraulic gantry cranes have become the standard equipment in the hoisting industry today.

Compared with mobile crawler cranes or bridge cranes, hydraulic gantry cranes can not only realize the traditional crane function, but also can adjust the lifting height by telescopic adjustment, which has the advantages of high safety factor and low investment.


At present, the hydraulic heavy-duty lifting gantry crane has been developed into a device that can replace large cranes with a lifting capacity of more than 1,000 tons. It is suitable for any place where heavy lifting load needs to be lifted. The most important thing is that it can work in restricted or low-altitude areas, and the lifting weight can be moved in the rail at the same time, which is very convenient for large lifting and reversing.


Bate escorts your production safety!

Our hydraulic gantry cranes imported from the United States use the unique LIFT-N-LOCK cam locking technology to provide true continuous load protection throughout the lifting process. Once the lift cylinder loses pressure or unexpectedly fails suddenly, the system will immediately engage to hold the load in place.

Its standard configuration includes:

Double acting cylinder

Swing/rotate header board

Steel hydraulic line

Integral locking valve

Pressure compensation control

Two-speed load sensing


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