Project Introduction丨The overall lifting and reloading project of SDG spare diesel generator in the

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Shanghai Beite Electromechanical Equipment Installation Co., Ltd. has the third-class qualification for mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering contracted by the Shanghai Construction Management Committee. For 19 years, it has been focusing on the installation of large-scale electromechanical equipment in metallurgy, automotive and other industries.

We are equipped with J&R hydraulic gantry cranes imported from the United States. It is currently the safest gantry crane in the world. It has a lifting capacity of 454 tons and a lifting height of 12.6 meters. It is specially used for heavy equipment and large parts lifting in low-rise, confined space. It has strong operability and makes the work safer, smoother and more reliable. It has millimeter-level running accuracy and can meet the high-precision installation requirements of various large-scale mechanical equipment.

The SDG backup diesel generator to be overhauled at the Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant No. 3 has a weight of 51 tons, and the site does not have the conditions for dismantling and overhaul. Therefore, it is necessary to hoist and transport from the diesel engine plant to the factory for repair. Due to the restrictions on the lifting space of the on-site plant (height 7m), we adopted and compiled the J&R hydraulic gantry crane hoisting scheme. After the motor is hoisted and transported to the off-site to perform the disassembly repair, the diesel generator is then transported back to the designated position of the diesel engine building and connected to the center.


Under the premise of ensuring nuclear safety, personnel safety and equipment safety of Qinsan Plant, combined with the opinions of the owners, we have developed a J&R hydraulic gantry crane hoisting scheme.

The scope of work:

Design and implementation of the overall lifting and transporting and reloading scheme for four SDG standby diesel generators in two units of Qinsan Plant.

Engineering characteristics and countermeasures:

The project mainly has the characteristics of large equipment weight, high installation precision, small lifting space and high technical confidentiality requirements.

1) The generator weighs 51t, and the workshop only has a 3.2t maintenance single beam crane. It is planned to use a safe and reliable, technologically advanced hydraulic gantry crane for overall lifting.

2) The level of installation and coaxiality of the generator installation is very high.

3) The generator is located below the process platform in the workshop. The height and width are only about 7 meters. The lifting space is very narrow. It can not meet the requirements of the conventional erection of hydraulic gantry cranes. It is planned to redesign and manufacture the gantry crane track and the upper beam to meet the site. Space requirements.

4) Due to the confidentiality requirements of the owners, it is not possible to provide complete technical information. A large number of detailed site surveys and surveys are required, and targeted exploration technicians are required to implement them.

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