Management Exchange 丨 Shanghai BETTER 2012 Mid-year Management Exchange Conference

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On July 14, 2012, the company held a 2012 mid-year management exchange meeting in the Shanghai headquarters conference room. The meeting was hosted by General Manager Tang Lin. All shareholders and middle and senior management personnel of the company attended the meeting.

First, the general manager reviewed the company's operations and performance in the first half of 2012. Then the participants in the meeting summarized the work they had undertaken in the first half of 2012. Everyone spoke enthusiastically and put forward reasonable suggestions for some outstanding problems that existed at present, and made suggestions for the company's development. In the afternoon, the staff's salary issues were discussed.

 At the meeting, the general manager and various project managers and related personnel conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on the market operation environment, situation, characteristics and strategies in 2012. The meeting held that in the case of the international and domestic economic situation in 2012, the company could Under the leadership of the chairman and general manager, after all the employees worked together, they achieved the best results in the first half of the year. And the company's various rules and regulations are implemented well, and employee discipline and enthusiasm have improved. However, in terms of employee travel expenses reimbursement, there are still cases of loose management and poor implementation. The meeting unifies the thinking, reached a consensus, and strived to implement the system. Through this discussion, the participants formed a lot of new consensus, clarified the business ideas, improved the business strategy, both the strength and confidence, and will promote the company's management efficiency and management level.

During the compact one-day meeting, all the participants concentrated on listening to the host's speech, actively expressing their opinions, actively participating in the discussion, and the entire meeting was successfully concluded in an active and harmonious atmosphere.

Finally, the company distributed souvenirs to all the participating employees, and hoped that everyone will continue to make great achievements in the next six months.

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