Project Quality | Analysis of quality control points for mechanical and electrical equipment install

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The installation of electromechanical equipment is designed to meet the needs of daily use. The installation process is relatively complicated and the project is relatively large. Therefore, when the equipment is installed, the quality requirements are quite strict, so as to avoid problems caused by the strict control of the installation quality after the installation and acceptance of the equipment.

The application range of electromechanical equipment installation engineering is usually wide, because the equipment is different in different steps. Improving the quality level of mechanical and electrical equipment installation can reduce the cost of construction projects to a certain extent, and also play a certain role in guaranteeing the daily use of the delivered project.

项目质量 | 机电设备安装的质量管控要点分析(一)

Introduction to mechanical and electrical equipment installation

The installation of electromechanical equipment is mainly for the installation and management of electrical equipment in some construction projects. Generally speaking, the installation content of electromechanical equipment is relatively large. The construction contents mainly include: procurement, installation, trial operation, acceptance, etc., and electromechanical equipment. The installed items are usually too large, so the quality control of each detail is very important during the installation. Once a node has a quality problem, it will be implicated in the quality of the entire project.

In life, large-scale projects have higher requirements for the installation of electromechanical equipment. From the bidding to the completion of a project, the economic benefits in the whole process are constantly improving, and the quality requirements are of course higher and higher, in order to ensure The safe operation of electromechanical equipment after installation is completed to minimize the operational risk of electromechanical equipment. When the equipment is installed, it is necessary to effectively control each point to minimize the loss.

Control work before installation

In the pre-installation period, the installer should make preliminary plans for the entire project, including the plan, design and construction drawings, and prepare the basic equipment for the installation.

Develop a plan

In the early stage, the installation unit should pay attention to the detailed inspection and study of the construction drawings to ensure that the entire design ideas and plans (including the progress are reasonable), to understand the new materials and construction techniques, key nodes and processes in the installation process. And mastery.

After fully understanding the contents of the design and construction drawings, according to the specific requirements of the installation unit, combined with the construction characteristics of the site, arrange the corresponding construction steps, formulate the construction plan, and ensure the quality of the installation of mechanical and electrical equipment.

2. Schedule

The construction schedule is planned to be a backup solution to deal with the unexpected situation during construction.

项目质量 | 机电设备安装的质量管控要点分析(一)

Project quality | Analysis of quality control points for mechanical and electrical equipment install

3. Equipment procurement

The procurement of equipment, the quality of the equipment itself, and the performance of the equipment must be arranged and resolved in advance.

4. Project submission

The overall equipment installation plan starts from the overall situation, taking into account all aspects of the construction process, combined with all resource allocation, etc. to develop a detailed construction plan, as well as the corresponding project analysis, the details of the schedule should also be taken into account.

For the specific details of the project, the key points of the project design and the important contents of the process, new technology, etc., the technical person in charge is well connected, and the construction personnel on the site are pre-communicated, and the precautions and standard requirements of the construction are clearly explained.

项目质量 | 机电设备安装的质量管控要点分析(一)

In general, the pre-installation control of electromechanical equipment is to fully prepare for the entire installation and construction project, technical, engineering, on-site, personnel distribution, etc., to solve all the problems in the installation process. Within the controllable range.

In the process, the main points of control

During the installation of electromechanical equipment, because every detail of the installation equipment is interlocking, the quality of the equipment installation can directly affect the final operation and use effect. The slower installation progress of a certain link will affect the overall installation progress.

Therefore, during the installation, the quality control of the installation project is the most important quality control point in the whole equipment installation process. For the quality supervision work, there must be a perfect management system:

1. Equipment entry and acceptance

(1) Arrival plan:

When the equipment enters the construction site, there must be advance prediction and planning, because the equipment will have an adverse impact on the equipment too early or too late. The construction site is likely to be detrimental to the storage of equipment, and if the equipment is too long to be idle, it may cause problems such as moisture and damage. Therefore, it is necessary to combine the construction schedule to arrange the time for the electromechanical equipment to enter the construction site, thus ensuring the equipment. The overall performance is not damaged and can not affect the actual construction process.

(2) Equipment check:

For the receipt and acceptance of electromechanical equipment, confirm the receipt of the goods, and check whether the quantity of the return receipt and the invoice are consistent, and whether it is detrimental;

(3) Unpacking acceptance: A detailed inspection of the model and technical parameters of the equipment shall be carried out to confirm that all equipment is in compliance with relevant national standards.

2. The design is the basis

The installed design drawings are an important basis for the installation, from the design drawings to coordinate the overall situation, according to the design requirements for the corresponding details management. Through the installation process, process methods, technical construction, personnel deployment, including the construction environment, etc., we must carry out overall planning and control.

3. Construction standards and acceptance

The management and control of construction quality must be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant national standards, and must be uniformly checked and accepted in accordance with the standards of clear legal provisions to ensure the safety of the final equipment.

During the installation process, it is necessary to carefully carry out the relevant inspection and acceptance work of the equipment to ensure that the installation quality of the equipment is in compliance with the standard.

4. Technical focus supervision

The key supervision of the construction technology, because the quality is not up to standard is the most adverse factor affecting the overall effect, so the installation unit should be constructed according to the specific construction process, technology and conditions, the first after each process is completed. Time will transfer the specific data and results of the completed progress to the site management personnel to ensure the accuracy of the construction and the overall progress. The construction of the next process can only be carried out after confirmation by the relevant responsible person. All inspection tools related to construction must be effective and standards compliant.

5. Process monitoring

The construction unit shall also have a self-inspection process for the equipment installation project, including the supervision of the third-party unit, the identification of the design unit, and the verification by the construction unit. The person in charge of on-site construction shall be responsible for the whole process of installation of electromechanical equipment and supervise the progress and quality of on-site installation.

In general, the control of the installation of electromechanical equipment is based on a series of details such as technology, engineering, site, personnel distribution, etc., to improve project quality and reduce project risks.

To be continued...

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