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The 5G network, the fifth generation mobile communication network, has a peak theoretical transmission speed of 1 GB per 8 seconds, which is hundreds of times faster than the transmission speed of 4G networks. For example, a 1G movie can be downloaded in less than 8 seconds.

技术前沿 | 5G 赋能智慧施工新时代

5G network communication technology not only has a significant improvement in transmission speed, but also has outstanding progress in transmission stability. Based on its ability to transmit and stabilize in a variety of complex scenarios, it is now widely used in complex scenarios such as transportation, medical, and mechanical industries.

Qingdao Port - the world's first 5G smart terminal solution

技术前沿 | 5G 赋能智慧施工新时代

In 2019, in the face of the arrival of the global 5G technology wave and the more efficient demand of ship owners and cargo owners for terminal operations, Qingdao Port accelerated the construction of “smart port” and the continuous upgrading of the automation terminal. The low latency, high bandwidth and large capacity features of 5G technology provide a new solution for the port to solve the communication problems of automation equipment.

At present, Qingdao Port has successfully completed the control operation of the automatic shore bridge crane based on 5G connection, and realized the capture and transportation of containers through the wireless network. This is the world's first 5G remote crane operation in the actual production environment, which will promote the technical upgrade of the Qingdao Port Automation Terminal.

Shandong--the first 5G intelligent mine mining plan in China

技术前沿 | 5G 赋能智慧施工新时代

技术前沿 | 5G 赋能智慧施工新时代

ZTE and Shandong Unicom assisted Shandong Lingong Group to jointly build a remote-controlled excavator to be displayed at the Shandong Lingong Intelligent Mine Comprehensive Experimental Base. The site was connected to the remote control room through the Unicom 5G network to control the unmanned area in the mine. Drive the excavator, synchronize back to the fax real work scene and the panoramic video live.

This project is the first time in the domestic construction machinery enterprises, not only to achieve excavator operations in harsh environments, but also to provide the possibility of intelligent mining.

Beijing Xiong'an New District - 5G Wisdom Site

技术前沿 | 5G 赋能智慧施工新时代

2019 is the start-up year for the full start of the Xiong'an New District. The demand for smart site solutions is growing rapidly, and the information industry in the construction industry is broad in the Xiong'an New District.

Yang Peng, deputy general manager of the Industrial and Energy Industry Solutions Department of China Mobile's government and enterprise customer branch, said that for the construction machinery industry, in order to ensure the safety of on-site construction, it is necessary not only to achieve ultra-low latency network to achieve precise control, but also to require a large bandwidth network. Real-time transmission of HD video.

技术前沿 | 5G 赋能智慧施工新时代

At present, only 5G network combined with remote control products can realize remote control of 5G engineering machinery, and effectively solve the problem that the safety of personnel in the engineering machinery field is difficult to guarantee and the cost of enterprises is high.

This also marks the beginning of the era of 5G empowering smart sites.

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