Industry Outlook | Current Status and Future Development of Electromechanical Installation Industry

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The scope of mechanical and electrical equipment installation industry, whether it is from the category, quantity of mechanical and electrical equipment or the number of employed people, is one of the largest industries in China's industrial field.

Thinking about the situation

At present, there are many enterprises engaged in the installation of electromechanical equipment in China, but most of them are small and medium enterprises.

行业前景 | 机电安装行业现状及未来发展

Due to the rapid development of the industry, the relevant norms and standards of the industry have not been improved in time. The enterprises in the industry are mostly operated in the form of “single fight” and “guerrilla warfare”. There is no unified industry association and unified implementation standards.

Many companies' business philosophy is still at a relatively primitive level: they believe that equipment installation is not demanding in terms of technical content and can provide labor, which leads to a large scale of the industry, but the overall installation level is low.


As an important part of the engineering of metallurgy, automobile, electric power, construction and other industries, the installation of electromechanical equipment is very extensive. Then, the quality of the project will directly affect the overall installation and operation of the electromechanical equipment itself and the progress of the later projects.

Therefore, enterprises must focus on engineering project management and continuously improve the quality and process of installation to achieve growth and development. For the current lack of innovative mechanical and electrical engineering project management and system management issues, it is required to pay attention to each process in the construction of electromechanical installation projects, and the results and possible situations must be expected beforehand.

行业前景 | 机电安装行业现状及未来发展


From the perspective of the mechanical and electrical equipment installation industry, its development trend is bound to standardize and standardize the industry. The standards will be more and more detailed so that the staff can follow the rules in the construction.

Take the BETTER installation company as an example. Before the emergence of the industry unified standards, it has been demanding as much as possible, and constantly seize the opportunities by continuously improving its technology and innovation capabilities.

行业前景 | 机电安装行业现状及未来发展

BETTER installation believes that: in order to obtain long-term development, mechanical and electrical equipment installation enterprises must develop standardized construction management in personnel management, cost control, project bidding, construction site management, etc., and strictly implement them in actual work. Combined with the strong liquidity of the industry itself, we are also making corresponding adjustments, combining principles and flexibility to achieve the best results.

行业前景 | 机电安装行业现状及未来发展

【Shanghai Better Mechanical & Electrical Installation Co.,Ltd 】

The company was established on April 13, 1999 with a registered capital of 50 million yuan. It has three levels of mechanical and electrical engineering construction general contracting, three levels of power engineering construction general contracting, and three major qualifications for construction electromechanical installation engineering.

Chairman of the company Tang Kunyin (senior technician) has more than 40 years of experience in construction management of large-scale projects. The company has 2 first-level construction divisions, 4 second-level construction divisions, 15 management and engineering and technical personnel, including 6 intermediate titles and 220 intermediate technical workers.

All employees of the company regard 'providing better service and higher value for customers' as the mission of the company, continuously strengthen scientific management, improve construction quality and service level.

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