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Time flies, time flies, 2012 is full of harvest, has waved away, full of vitality in 2013, the New Year's bell has been ringing, history has opened a new page, in this old and welcome At the same time, the industrious and intelligent Shanghai BETTER employees gathered on February 23, 2013 to summarize the achievements and shortcomings of the past year and look forward to the direction and goals of the coming year.

年度大会丨盛世龙腾留伟业,新年蛇舞起宏图 ----记上海贝特公司2012年年会

On February 23, 2013, the company held a 2012 year-end summary meeting at the Hengsha Island Resort in Shanghai. The meeting was chaired by Chairman Tang Kunyin and General Manager Tang Lintong. The company's middle and senior management personnel and outstanding staff representatives attended the meeting. In the morning, the general manager first reviewed the company's business performance and performance in 2012. The 2012 performance was 72% higher than the previous year. This achievement is very valuable in the international and domestic economic situation in 2012. Then the participants at the meeting summarized the work they had undertaken in 2012. Everyone spoke enthusiastically, and pointed out some outstanding problems, such as the training of special types of work, and did not timely put forward reasonable suggestions for the smooth development of the project and the company. Development and suggestions.

In the afternoon, Mr. Tang first led everyone to warm up the company's corporate culture, and once again emphasized the company's vision: to become a world-class professional equipment installation company. The eight elements of project management such as budget, cost, planning, organization, coordination, safety, quality, and schedule are elaborated in detail. The quality and safety status of the company's projects under construction are evaluated in a straightforward manner, and targeted rectification opinions and Measures and requirements to increase incentives and penalties in project safety management, so that BETTER has a greater improvement in project safety and quality management. Then, Mr. Tang and various project managers conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on the market operation environment, situation, characteristics and strategies in 2013, and clarified the company's new organizational structure and strategic goals in 2013. Then the focus of the staff's salary issues was discussed, and the final evaluation work and sweepstakes pushed the atmosphere of the meeting to a climax.

The meeting believed that 2012 was a year of great congratulations for BETTER and a year worthy of the pride of the BETTER. Under the leadership of the chairman and general manager, everyone worked together and we achieved the best results in history. Moreover, the company's various rules and regulations are implemented well, and employee discipline and enthusiasm have been significantly improved. This meeting strengthened the effective communication among colleagues, pointed out the existing outstanding problems, put forward a comprehensive solution, and formed a lot of new consensus. It not only embodies the strength, but also strengthens the confidence and will promote the management of the company. Increased efficiency and management.

At the meeting, for some employees who worked diligently, conscientiously, well-behaved, and made great progress, they made reasonable job promotion and encouraged them.

In 2012, the project manager selected a number of outstanding employees based on their work attitude, performance contribution and skill improvement. The company issued honorary certificates and cash rewards, hoping that they will continue to work hard in the new year. Make new contributions and hope that other employees will learn from them. Finally, all the company’s employees participated in the sweepstakes and issued souvenirs.

年度大会丨盛世龙腾留伟业,新年蛇舞起宏图 ----记上海贝特公司2012年年会

Excellent employee photo

年度大会丨盛世龙腾留伟业,新年蛇舞起宏图 ----记上海贝特公司2012年年会

Take a photo with Hengsha Island

年度大会丨盛世龙腾留伟业,新年蛇舞起宏图 ----记上海贝特公司2012年年会

Angel Beach Resort

年度大会丨盛世龙腾留伟业,新年蛇舞起宏图 ----记上海贝特公司2012年年会

Strawberry picking competition

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