Job Requirements:

1. Proficiency in the application and application of Guanglianda Metallurgy, Xing'an Deli Software, CAD and office software.

2. 4 to 5 years of work experience, have a certain understanding of metallurgical engineering, installation engineering, can understand the drawings and can calculate the amount of work and budget.

3. Responsible for project progress report and pre-settlement work. cooperate with marketing staff to quote work. participate in contract negotiation and contract management.

4. Other work matters for leadership arrangements.

Job Requirements:

1. Engineering cost, budget and related majors, with college education or above, with prior experience in engineering pre-clearing.

2. Have a budget card or a cost card certificate.

3. Familiar with equipment construction, drawings, construction procedures, material prices, manual quotas, engineering quantity calculation rules and techniques, and understand building economic regulations.

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