Job Information:

1. Strengthen communication and coordination with Party A project managers, relevant SV experts and end customers, and organize construction management in strict accordance with engineering design, engineering contracts, IBA operation instructions, technical disclosure of SV experts and relevant requirements of Party A. Complete completion of project safety, quality, schedule and cost planning.

2. Organize the management personnel of the project department to participate in the management meeting organized by Party A, safeguard the reasonable interests of the enterprise, and implement and implement Party A's reasonable requirements and planning arrangements.

3. According to the overall project schedule, plan and organize the construction resources of relevant people, machinery and materials in advance to ensure the smooth progress of the project. decompose the general project plan, determine the weekly work plan, and implement the implementation responsibility step by step.

4. Optimize the configuration and dynamic management of the construction resources entering the construction site, formulate the division of work and construction plan of the project department, hold a morning meeting, and ensure the implementation of the project schedule, project quality, safety and civilized construction management.

5. According to the needs of the project, organize, coordinate, and contact the construction machinery rental of the project, organize the safety inspection of the leased construction machinery, and carry out safety and technical disclosure for the operators. Regularly organize supervision, inspection and assessment of the safety, quality and progress of the subcontracted units, and report the results to the company's engineering department and copy to the general manager's office.

6. In the quality, safety, cost, and progress of the problems found in the construction inspection, timely formulate rectification plans and corrective measures, and supervise and organize the implementation of the program measures. Relevant responsible parties and responsible persons shall provide necessary economic penalties.

7. Pay attention to the changes in the contracted work volume and on-site implementation situation, and effectively communicate with Party A in a timely manner, and make claims for the increase, and strive for reasonable benefits.

8. Responsible for coordinating, communicating and liaising with the company's management, Party A project managers, relevant SV experts, end customers, and various collaboration units to deal with various problems arising during the construction process, and strengthen unity and support within the project department. Coordination and communication, ruling and balancing the contradiction between safety, quality, schedule and cost of the construction process.

9. Responsible for reviewing the engineering quantity, the number of labor and labor wages of the project, and formulating the bonus distribution plan for the personnel of the project department.

10. Participate in project start-up, process acceptance and completion acceptance, timely sign relevant documents and report to the company management department, prepare settlement information, accept supervision by the financial department, and handle the aftermath of the project department according to the company's requirements.

11. Proficiency in English.

Job Requirements:

1. Proficiency in the application and application of Guanglianda Metallurgy, Xing'an Deli Software, CAD and office software.

2, 4 to 5 years of work experience, have a certain understanding of metallurgical engineering, installation engineering, can understand the drawings and can calculate the amount of work and budget.

3. Responsible for project progress report and pre-settlement work. cooperate with marketing staff to quote work. participate in contract negotiation and contract management.

4. Other work matters arranged by the leader.

job requirements:

1. Engineering cost, budget and related majors, with college education or above, and prior experience in engineering pre-clearing.

2. There is a budget holder certificate or a cost member certificate.

3. Familiar with equipment construction, drawings, construction procedures, material prices, manual quotas, engineering quantity calculation rules and techniques, and understand building economic regulations.