Job Requirements:

1. Organize sales, statistics, analysis, report production, etc.

2. Responsible for collecting and communicating customer data, establishing customer information card and customer files, and completing relevant sales reports.

3. Maintain relationships with old customers and develop new customers.

4. Participate in bidding work.

5. Regularly reconcile with the customer to ensure that the sales work can be carried out smoothly:

6. Other work related to business support.

7. Complete the temporary work explained by the superior.

Job Requirements:

1. Proficiency in office automation software. proficient in office software such as excel

2. Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing, business administration, business English, engineering management, accounting.

3. Be serious and responsible for the work.

4. Require English proficiency.

5. Have good communication skills and customer service awareness, and can maintain good communication with customers.

6. Do five off two.