Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for assisting the manager to complete the technical management tasks of the project.

2. Adhere to the principle, go deep into the construction site, balance and coordinate the construction procedures, and timely handle various technical problems arising during construction.

3. Responsible for organizing the drawing review, technical delivery work, designing the project for the external committee, should be familiar with the drawings first, and be responsible for contacting the design unit.

4. Responsible for technical guidance on product processing, initial maintenance equipment, engineering construction, and participate in project acceptance.

5. Responsible for the preparation of drawings and materials, monthly accessories, monthly plan to report materials staff three days in advance.

6. Responsible for the arrangement, inspection and guidance of the compliance data, regular collection and reorganization, and preparation for the inspection.

7. Go deep into the scene, solve the quality and safety hazards, be responsible for safety and quality, completion acceptance, inspection, monthly inspection, and find problems in a timely and coordinated solution.

8. Strengthen contact with business departments and do a good job of organizing technical materials.

9. Actively organize employees to conduct business learning and assist project managers to do a good job in technical training.

10. Complete the temporary tasks assigned by the leaders and participate in various meetings and various group activities on time.

Job Requirements:

1. Engineering management, mechatronics, mechanical and other majors, college degree or above.

2. Have more than 2 years relevant work experience.

3. Master certain engineering and technical expertise.

4. Has strong insight, logical thinking ability, system thinking ability, communication and coordination ability, and has strong ability to analyze and solve problems.

5. Proficiency in common office software and CAD drawing technology such as word and excel.