Job Responsibilities:

1. Review, check and maintain electrical engineering drawings.

2. Responsible for the electrical construction plan, check whether the specifications, brand and technical performance of the materials in the construction process are consistent with the drawings, and timely handle the general quality problems and report them to the leaders.

3. Supervise and inspect the electrical construction of the construction site.

4. Install and debug electrical equipment on site to analyze and handle field faults.

5. Responsible for organizing the collection and sorting of various materials according to the requirements for compiling the completion data, participating in the settlement and verification of the project, and providing various economic and technical visa information.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in engineering management, mechatronics, mechanical engineering, etc.

2. Have more than 3 years relevant work experience, proficient in English.

3. Master certain engineering and technical related knowledge.

4. Strong insight, logical thinking ability, system thinking ability, communication and coordination ability, strong analytical and problem solving skills.

5. Proficiency in common office software and CAD drawing technology such as word and excel.