2012 Better Annual Meeting

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Go hand in hand to create a brilliant future - Shanghai Better's company annual meeting ended successfully

年度大会丨盛世龙腾留伟业,新年蛇舞起宏图 ----记上海贝特公司2012年年会

On the 23rd of February 2013, the company held a high-level year-end summary meeting at the Shanghai Hengsha Island Resort. The meeting was presided over by Chairman of the Board Tang Kunyin and General Manager Tang Lintong, and attended by the company's middle and senior management as well as outstanding staff representatives. In the morning, the general manager reviewed the company's 2012 operation and performance. The 2012 performance increased by 72% compared to the previous year, which is an exceptional achievement given the international and domestic economic situation in 2012. Then the participants summarised their work in 2012, speaking enthusiastically and offering suggestions to streamline existing outstanding challenges. This included the need for specialised training in certain areas, delivered on time, to support the project's smooth implementation and the company's development.

In the afternoon, Mr Tang began by reviewing the company's corporate culture, and reiterated the company's vision to become a world-class professional equipment installation company. And with detailed explanations of the budget, costs, planning, organization, coordination, safety, quality, progress, and other eight project management elements, a thorough review of the company's quality and safety status for each ongoing project is conducted. Targeted rectification opinions and measures are proposed, along with requests for increased incentives and penalties in project safety management to significantly improve safety and quality management throughout the project. Then, Mr Tang and the project managers had a detailed discussion on the market environment, situation, characteristics and strategies for 2013. They also clarified the company's new organisational structure and strategic objectives for the year. Followed by this, they discussed staff salary and conducted a final merit assessment and lucky draw activities, which made the meeting upbeat.

The meeting concluded that 2012 was a year to celebrate for Better, and a year to be proud of for Beit.The leadership of the chairman and general manager allowed us to work together effectively, resulting in the best results in the company's history.The implementation of company rules and regulations has improved, leading to better staff discipline and increased motivation.This meeting improved communication between colleagues, identified existing issues, proposed a comprehensive solution, reached new agreements, and increased cohesion and confidence. These outcomes will undoubtedly enhance the company's management efficiency and level.

At the meeting, some of the hard-working, conscientious, and responsible staff were encouraged with reasonable job promotions for their good performance and greater progress.

In 2012, the project manager selected several employees who had demonstrated exceptional work attitude, performance, and skill improvement. These individuals were awarded certificates of honour and cash prizes as a token of appreciation for their hard work and to encourage continued success in the new year. All company employees were also included in a lucky draw and received souvenirs as a thank you for their attendance.

年度大会丨盛世龙腾留伟业,新年蛇舞起宏图 ----记上海贝特公司2012年年会

Group photo of outstanding employees

年度大会丨盛世龙腾留伟业,新年蛇舞起宏图 ----记上海贝特公司2012年年会

Group photo of Hengsha Island as a souvenir

年度大会丨盛世龙腾留伟业,新年蛇舞起宏图 ----记上海贝特公司2012年年会

Angel Beach Vacation

年度大会丨盛世龙腾留伟业,新年蛇舞起宏图 ----记上海贝特公司2012年年会

Strawberry Picking Competition

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