Project Introduction丨The overall lifting and reloading project of SDG spare diesel generator

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We have acquired a J&R hydraulic gantry crane, imported from the United States, which is currently regarded as the safest gantry crane globally. It is capable of lifting up to 454 tonnes to a height of 12.6 metres, making it specially suited for heavy and bulky machinery in low and constrained spaces in the plant. Furthermore, the crane’s superior operability enhances safety, smoothness and reliability during operation. It has millimetre-level accuracy when running, which can fulfil the requirement for high-precision installation of various types of large machinery and equipment.

The SDG standby diesel generator at Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant No. 3, weighing 51 tonnes, requires overhaul, but due to the lack of conditions for dismantling and overhauling on site, it needs to be transported back to the plant. To overcome the lifting space limitations (7m height) at the site, we utilised a J & R hydraulic gantry crane for lifting and prepared a lifting programme. The engine will be lifted and transported off-site for the overhaul dismantling. Afterwards, the diesel generator will be lifted back to the diesel plant room and installed at the designated location, centered on the shaft. 


Under the premise of ensuring the nuclear, personnel, and equipment safety of Qin3 plant, in conjunction with the owner's viewpoint, the J&R hydraulic gantry crane lifting program has been devised.

Scope of work:

Design and implement a comprehensive lift, transfer and reassembly programme for four SDG standby diesel generators intended for two units at Qin San Plant.

Project characteristics and response measures:

This project involves heavy equipment, requiring precise installation, with limited space for lifting and strict technical confidentiality requirements.


1)The generator weighs 51 tonnes, requiring a safe, reliable, and technologically advanced hydraulic gantry crane as the workshop's 3.2 tonne maintenance single girder crane cannot bear the load.


2) the generator must be installed with high levels of levelness and coaxiality.


3) The generator is situated in the workshop beneath the process platform, with a height and width of only approximately 7 metres. The lifting space is quite limited and cannot satisfy the conventional erection lifting requirements for a hydraulic gantry crane. It is suggested that the gantry crane track and the upper beam be redesigned and produced in order to satisfy the site space requirements.


4) Due to confidentiality requirements of the owner, we are unable to provide complete technical information. Therefore, a comprehensive site survey and measurement work needs to be conducted. Skilled survey technicians will be arranged accordingly to carry out the necessary tasks.

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