On behalf of all my colleagues from Shanghai Better Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Installation Co., Ltd., I warmly welcome you to visit our corporate website. Thank you very much for your enthusiasm and attention!


Thanks to the support and love of friends from all circles of society, Shanghai Better Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Installation Co., Ltd. has gone through extraordinary entrepreneurial development. Over a decade of hard efforts of all our employees, our company is gradually recognized by our peers and the community. Our company is not only a young and fully dynamic enterprise, but also a mature and stable mechanical and electrical equipment installation company. Over a decade, our company has been fully supported and assisted by a large number of customers and friends from all circles of society, whose concern and love have always been the drive force pushing Better People strive forward. It is your favor and love that provide good development environment and living space for the growth of Shanghai Better Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Installation Co., Ltd.


In recent years, our company has not only accumulated a lot of construction experience, technology and outfits during the equipment installation in the metallurgical industry and automotive industry, but has also cultivated a well-trained professional installation team, taking the leading position among peers. Our company has been highly valued and widely recognized by our cooperative partner and the authorities concerned through our efforts and actions. It has proved that “Gold Cup or Silver Cup is not better than the public praise”.


We have actively advocated the enterprise spirit of “dedication, devotion, solidarity and efficiency”. In other words, the dedication is to ask employees to love their own vocations and posts. The devotion is to ask the enterprise and employees to concentrate vigorously on their own professions. Those who aim too high and too ambitious cannot perform well ultimately and will hurt customers, harm the enterprise and feel regret only. The solidarity is to ask each employee to keep the spirit of solidarity and collaboration constantly and to be united as one of the team and enterprise. The efficiency is to ask a medium and small-sized enterprise like us to create management system and process incessantly, so as to complete various specific tasks efficiently. Adhering to the corporate mission of “better service with higher value”, our company has pursued continuous improvement and upgraded work performance incessantly, so as to provide a better service and create a higher value for customers.


Let us strive to build our company into a world-class professional equipment installation company and to win new victories in the course of building an overall moderately prosperous society!


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