Main Installation Equipment:



All kinds of measuring, fitter, electrician, plumber, lifting, welding and other types of tools are fully equipped.



Time-Honored History

In April 1994, Mr. Tang Kunyin, a senior technician from a large state-owned first-class construction enterprise, organized a group of retired senior skilled workers and young workers to establish an equipment installation and construction team. Over a decade, the team has not only accumulated a lot of construction experience and technology during the equipment installation, but has also cultivated a large number of various professional and technical personnel, skilled workers and managers, who are very familiar with the industry. It has created a well-trained professional installation team, taking the leading position among peers.


Stable Team

Our team has secular and stable development with solidarity and efficiency. The turnover rate of technical backbone is lower than 5% and the turnover rate of ordinary employees maintains at about 10% throughout the year, which is very low in the domestic construction industry. Only having a stable installation team with close coordination between various types of profession could the safety and quality be ensured and the efficiency be improved. Temporary formed team with several workers scrabbled together cannot be well organized and coordinated as they are unfamiliar with each other. It is very hard to ensure safety and quality, let alone the efficiency.


Rich Human Resources

The Company has possessed 1 first-class building engineer, 4 second-class building engineers and 15 management and engineering technical personnel, among them, 6 persons have obtained intermediate title or above. In addition, there are 220 intermediate skilled workers specialized in various professions.


Employee Training

Due to high technical requirements of mechanical and electrical equipment installation, there are various types of professions and complex working procedures, so employee training is particularly important. Especially, apprentices of installation fitter and crane rigger are trained by the master step by step. They cannot become skilled workers without seven or eight years of technical training and experience accumulating. Special skilled workers must undergo a rigorous training and obtain certificates before being assigned to the post. All workers are required to master many skills while specializing in one. Veteran workers are normally required to teach, help and direct new workers.


Perfect System

In order to retain employees and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, the Company has developed a set of reasonable remuneration and performance appraisal system, so as to enable employees and enterprise to make progress and development together.



Our company focused on the installation of equipment in metallurgy, automotive, medical, electric power, civil construction and other industries. We firmly believe that the same thing can be done repeatedly. The experience will continue to accumulate. There will be a day of proficiency.


Medical equipment installation

Medical proton equipment mainly includes proton cyclotron, proton transmission system and treatment room. The equipment is precise and valuable. The cyclotron is the core equipment of the proton therapy system. It has a large weight and a long rigging distance. Depending on the rigging environment, it is even necessary to use a 750t crawler crane for rigging. The large crane requires high pressure and flatness for the outdoor rigging site and the road. The rotating steel frame of the treatment room has many components and the lifting space is limited. The indoor monorail crane is equipped with the outdoor crane for lifting, and the lifting command and coordination requirements are high. On the occasion of the international famous proton equipment supplier entering China, the company successfully cooperated with it and successfully completed the Proton Center of Zhuozhou 301 Hospital and Guangzhou International Cancer Center. The project performance service was highly recognized by the owner and also trained. A group of experienced management and operation personnel has brought our company's service level in the medical industry to a new level.


Rolling Mill Installation

The rolling mill, including wire mill and plate mill, is heavy equipment with many heavy and large parts. It is very difficult to hoist and the technical requirement for hoisting is fairly high. The accuracy requirement for sheet rolling mill installation is higher and the rolling production line is generally quite long. The technological process of roller bed connected together is adopted between mainframe and support equipment. The requirements for rolling mill installation are extremely strict in respect of the centerline, levelness and parallelism of rolling equipment. The accuracy requirement for sheet rolling mill installation is the highest, which is a major feature of the installation of rolling equipment production line. The imported Leica Total Station adopted by the Company has high accuracy and stability. There is a key at the side to measure the range, which can greatly improve the speed of measuring point. Thus, it can improve work efficiency.


Press Installation

This type of press is a versatile press with elaborate structure and it has features of extensive uses and high production efficiency. The press can be widely applied for severing, punching, blanking, bending, riveting and forming processes. Large equipment hosting is often required during large press installation. However, the ordinary lifting equipment has high requirements on the height of a plant and occupies large space. In addition, it is inconvenient for assembly, which affects the efficiency. The Company imported a world-class J&R hydraulic gantry crane from the United States. Its lifting capacity is 454 tons for the entire range and its lifting height is 12.6 meters, which can ensure safer, more stable and more reliable operation for hoisting heavy and large parts of equipment. It is the safest gantry crane in the world and it has millimeter-scale of running accuracy to meet the requirements for high accuracy installation of all types of machinery equipment.


Hydraulic Pipeline Installation

Hydraulic pipeline is beveled with special beveling machine and welded with Panasonic argon welder. Panasonic welder has stable current and reliable performance. The argon can isolate air and its welding seam will neither be oxidized, nor engender any oxide skin. The flaw detection level can reach first grade. The Company has successfully introduced VAI advanced technology and has tailored a set of 31.5MPa high pressure oil flushing equipment and a set of 100M3/h high flow pickling pump, which has completely solved the flushing problem in the hydraulic lubrication piping system.


Electrical equipment installation

The installation requirements of electrical equipment, the installation method is very important, and the calibration accuracy requirements are very high. In order to facilitate the debugging, we have improved our own requirements, and the actual accuracy is much higher than the national standard. If the electrical equipment is installed properly, it will directly affect the commissioning, production, and installation. It may cause difficulties in debugging, and the actual production capacity will not reach the design capability.


Cement plant installation

The cement plant has all kinds of equipment and has high requirements for comprehensive installation. After inheriting the equipment installation project of OHORONGO Cement Plant in Namibia in Africa and Saudi YAMAMA Cement Plant in 2019, the company has overcome many difficulties and strict standards. The requirements for the installation and commissioning of the project were completed ahead of the contract schedule, which ensured the smooth commissioning of the cement plant and won the praise of foreign experts.