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5G networks, also referred to as fifth-generation mobile communication networks, are capable of achieving peak theoretical transmission speeds of up to 1GB every 8 seconds. This is several hundred times faster than that of 4G networks, as evidenced by the ability to download a 1G film in less than 8 seconds.

 技术前沿 | 5G 赋能智慧施工新时代

5G network communication technology has shown significant enhancements in transmission speed and stability. Due to its ability to transmit stably in various complex scenarios, it is now widely piloted in the transport, medical, machinery, and other industries.

Qingdao Port - the world's first 5G smart dock solution

技术前沿 | 5G 赋能智慧施工新时代

      In 2019, in response to the global 5G technology wave and the need for ship and cargo owners to enhance terminal operations, Qingdao Port has expedited the development of their 'smart port' while continuously upgrading their automated terminals. The implementation of 5G technology, with its low-latency, high-bandwidth, and large-capacity capabilities, offers a new solution for seamless communication amongst automated equipment at ports.


      At present, Qingdao Port has accomplished the control operation of the automatic quayside container crane via 5G connectivity, enabling the wireless grabbing and transportation of containers. This breakthrough marks the world's premiere 5G remote crane operation in a commercial production setting, emphasizing the advancement of Qingdao Port's automated terminals to achieve technological excellence once again.

Shandong - The First 5G Intelligent Mining Plan in China

技术前沿 | 5G 赋能智慧施工新时代

技术前沿 | 5G 赋能智慧施工新时代

      The site is linked to the remote control room via Unicom's 5G network, enabling real-time control of the unmanned excavator in the mining zone. Likewise, synchronous transmission of the authentic operating scene and panoramic live video is made possible.


      This project is unprecedented in domestic construction machinery companies, for it achieves operation of the excavator in unfavourable conditions and sets the stage for intelligent mining.

Beijing Xiong'an New Area -5G Smart Construction Site

技术前沿 | 5G 赋能智慧施工新时代

      2019 marks the launch of full-scale construction in Xiongan New Area, leading to a rapid surge in demand for intelligent site solutions. Furthermore, the Xiongan New Area holds potential for a broad market in construction industry informatisation.


      Yang Peng, deputy general manager of the industrial and energy industry solutions department of China Mobile's government and enterprise customer branch, stated that the construction machinery sector requires an ultra-low-latency network for precise control, as well as an ultra-large bandwidth network for real-time transmission of high-definition video to ensure on-site safety.

技术前沿 | 5G 赋能智慧施工新时代

      At present, only the combination of 5G network and remote control products can enable the remote control of 5G construction machinery. This effectively solves the problem of ensuring personnel safety in the construction machinery field and lowers enterprises' costs.


      It also indicates the dawn of the 5G-enabled intelligent construction site era.

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