Project News | Successfully Lifted Proton Accelerator at Shenzhen Cancer Hospital

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On February 27, 2023, the cyclotron at the inaugural public proton oncology treatment facility in South China was successfully installed.

Today, I brought you to the location to provide you with more detailed information about the project site.

Project Overview

Project Name: Proton Equipment Installation at Shenzhen Cancer Hospital

Project address: Baohe Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen

Project content: Equipment installation for four rotating frame treatment rooms and one fixed beam research room.

Project schedule

2022/11/7 Project commencement

Morning meeting on the day of commencement

项目动态 | 深圳肿瘤医院质子加速器吊装成功

2022/11-2023/2 Early construction stage

During this period, we have completed the mechanical installation of four rotating treatment rooms.

项目动态 | 深圳肿瘤医院质子加速器吊装成功

 2023/2 Preparation for Cyclotron Rigging

400T crawler crane assembly in place: The entry inspection report has been issued, and the crane information has been approved by the general contractor and supervisor.

项目动态 | 深圳肿瘤医院质子加速器吊装成功We meticulously and thoroughly assemble the super-lift counterweights to ensure they are fully prepared for the seamless lifting of the cyclotron.

项目动态 | 深圳肿瘤医院质子加速器吊装成功

The project's accelerator consists of two parts, each of which weighs 110 T. The base of the accelerator was installed on 24 February.

项目动态 | 深圳肿瘤医院质子加速器吊装成功

项目动态 | 深圳肿瘤医院质子加速器吊装成功

Rigging ceremony

项目动态 | 深圳肿瘤医院质子加速器吊装成功

项目动态 | 深圳肿瘤医院质子加速器吊装成功

      On February 27th, the proton accelerator was successfully rigged!项目动态 | 深圳肿瘤医院质子加速器吊装成功

The official installation of the proton cyclotron signifies that the proton equipment will now undergo precise installation and commissioning, marking a significant milestone event. Once the installation and testing are completed, the proton therapy system will proceed to the full installation, commissioning, and acceptance stage. It is an honor for us to contribute to the healthcare mission of our nation!

项目动态 | 深圳肿瘤医院质子加速器吊装成功

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