Company News | Guiyang Shantytown Renovation Project

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Since its establishment, our company has specialised in providing professional M&E installation services to the metallurgical, automotive, and medical industries.

Recently, we have received numerous projects involving civil and commercial buildings. The following is a tour of one of these projects.

1 Project Overview

Project Name: Guiyang Baiyun Aluminum and Aluminum Processing Base Block B Shantytown Renovation Project (Phase II)

Project address: No. 1400 Yunhuan Middle Road, Baiyun District, Guiyang

Community name: Fuxinyuan

Construction time: 2017

公司新闻 | 贵阳棚户区改造项目

公司新闻 | 贵阳棚户区改造项目

2 Construction progress

The Better team approaches their work with a dedicated, focused, and efficient ethos, prioritising commitment and loyalty to their duties. As a result, they have contributed significantly to numerous industry projects and received multiple honours and awards from Party A for their work on construction projects.

公司新闻 | 贵阳棚户区改造项目

公司新闻 | 贵阳棚户区改造项目

3 Construction process

公司新闻 | 贵阳棚户区改造项目

公司新闻 | 贵阳棚户区改造项目

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