Management Exchange | Shanghai Better 2012 Mid-Year Management Communication Meeting

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      On the 14th of July 2012, the company hosted the 2012 Mid-Year Management Communication Meeting in the conference room of their Shanghai headquarters. The meeting was chaired by General Manager Tang Lin, and was attended by all shareholders, middle and senior managers.


      Firstly, the general manager reviewed the company's performance and operations for the first half of 2012. Then, in the first half of 2012 meeting, the participants summarised their work and discussed prominent problems. Rationalisation proposals for the company's development were enthusiastically put forward. In the afternoon, the staff's salary was the key topic of discussion.


      At the meeting, the general manager, project managers, and related personnel discussed 2012's market environment, situation, characteristics, and strategies in depth. The meeting concluded that despite the unfavorable international and domestic economic situation, the company achieved its best results in history during the first half of the year thanks to the wise leadership of the chairman of the board of directors and the general manager, along with the joint efforts of all staff. Congratulations are in order. And the company's policies and procedures have been implemented more effectively, resulting in improved staff discipline and motivation. However, there is still inadequate management and poor implementation of employee travel reimbursement. The meeting resulted in a unified thought process, a consensus being reached, and a commitment to implementing the system. Through this discussion, participants reached a consensus, generated new business ideas, and improved the company's strategy. This increased cohesion and confidence is expected to enhance various management efficiencies and raise management standards.


      In the one-day meeting, participants attentively listened to the moderator while expressing their views and actively contributing to the discussion. The meeting concluded successfully in an active and friendly atmosphere.


      The company rewarded all attending staff with souvenirs, encouraging them to continue making persistent efforts and achieve new accomplishments in the next six months.

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